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The Straughan’s Air It Out Football Academy provides instructional camps, clinics, or sessions to quarterbacks and receivers from the 1st through 12th grade. We teach them how to improve their offensive skills, elevate their player performance, and compete at each level of the game. We offer fall, winter, and summer camps around the Pacific Northwest, including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Canada. We are also willing to put on camps in your region. The costs per player are:

AIOFA camps develop quarterbacks and receivers in every aspect of the game, including stance, exchange, handoffs, tosses, option, throwing mechanics, dropback, shotgun, roll out, play action, bootleg, catching techniques, press and release, blocking techniques, coverage recognition, route responsibilities, coverage beaters, and so on. We also focus on developing the leadership qualities of commitment, discipline, confidence, courage, character and teamwork. See information below:
Stance and Exchange

Handoffs - Tosses - Option

Throwing Mechanics

Dropback - Shotgun

Play Action - Bootleg

Sprint Out Passing

Passing to the Routes

Coverage Recognition

Beating Coverages

Picking Up the Blitz

Leadership Qualities
Stance and Release

Catching Techniques

One - Two Handed Drills

Concentration Drills

Blocking Techniques

Press and Release

Running the Routes

Coverage Recognition

Beating Coverages

Picking Up the Blitz

Leadership Qualities
Camp News - The Straughan's Air It Out Football Academy had a camp in Lewiston Idaho. There were over 50 quarterbacks and receivers ranging from the 3rd through the 12th grade.

The 2018 Lewiston Idaho camp was put on by AIOFA Director and Coach Gene Straughan. Also helping were the coaches and players of the Lewis Clark Valley Loggers College Team.

Campers were taught every phase of playing the quarterback and receiver positions. They learned fundamental and advanced skills, along with how to use those skills in an effective way.

AIOFA stressed leadership qualities and how to spread the field and air it out to attack the defensive coverage.
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1-Day 2-Hour Camp $40 / 1-Day 3-Hour Camp $50 / 2-Day 4-Hour Camp $60 / 2-Day 5-Hour Camp $70
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