For the past decade, the Straughan's Air It Out Football Academy has offered high caliber instructional camps for youth quarterbacks and receivers. College coaches and players provide comprehensive, sophisticated, and affordable instruction to skilled players from the first to twelfth grade. We teach them how to improve their offensive skills, elevate their player performance, and compete at each level of the game. We take pride in helping kids to become great quarterbacks and receivers.

Nowadays, youth football teams are spreading the field and airing out the football more than ever. Coaches often lack the time to teach quarterbacks and receivers everything they need to know to play their positions. So to fill this void the AIOFA offers 1, 2, or 3 day camps designed to accommodate the needs of both players and coaches. The costs of camps are very reasonable and translate to $20 an hour per player for comprehensive and sophisticated instruction. We even encourage youth coaches to participate to help them to implement our training on their own teams.
The Straughan's Air It Out Football Academy teaches every aspect of playing the quarterback and receiver positions. Too many football camps charge high prices while providing little instruction and limited reps. We focus on not only teaching fundamental and advanced skills, but also on allowing players to put those skills into practice. AIOFA camps develop every phase of the game, including stance and exchange, handoffs, tosses, option, throwing mechanics, dropbacks, shotgun, play action, roll out, stance and release, catching techniques, press and release, blocking techniques, coverage recognition, running and passing to routes, coverage beaters, picking up blitzes, and many other things. We also focus on developing leadership attributes relating to commitment, discipline, confidence, courage, character, and teamwork within student-athletes. We teach how to do things the right way, why to do things the right way, and then repeatedly practice doing things the right way.

Instructors of the Straughan’s Air It Out Football Academy are outstanding players and coaches with extensive experience. AIOFA director, Gene Straughan, coached for years at the elementary, middle, and high school level. His teams have averaged 2,500 passing yards and 25 passing TDs a year. Gene is now coaching quarterbacks and receivers for the Lewis-Clark Valley College Football Team in Idaho. His sons Jake and Josh Straughan were all league and all state quarterbacks. They combined to score 282 touchdowns for 21,500 yards at Colton High School. Jake went on to play combo guard at the University of Idaho until graduating and is now pursuing a master's degree and playing for Fresno Pacific University. Josh played quarterback at Stillman College and Southern Illinois University. He started as a freshman and went on to earn numerous conference, regional, and national awards. He finished his collegiate career with 705 completions, 8,012 yards, and 70 touchdowns. He is now playing professional football. Together, the Straughans established the AIOFA to share their knowledge, experience, and love for the game with players of all ages.

For information about the Air It Out Football Academy, please take a look at our website ( Let us know whether you want the AIOFA to offer a camp in your area. Youth football leagues or teams select the date and place to host our camp and then we provide high caliber instruction to their players. And remember our motto: the game of football is about spreading the field and airing it out. It is about making all of the kids better by providing outstanding quarterback and receiver training at an affordable price. No child is left behind.

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We teach every part of playing the quarterback and receiver positions.
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